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About UI Technologies Training
Usually UI stands for User Interface which mainly comes under human-interaction field. The main objective of UI Technology is to to make the user’s interaction as very simple and most efficient. UI helps us to decrease the gap between requirements and implementation over structured systems associated with programming lanuage. This UI Technologies Training helps the aspirants to learn the complete concept from beginner stage to advanced stage.

Course Objectives:
To analyze the necessities and limitations for programming applications by executing user interfaces
To implement useful client interface methods
Ability to access the low-high programming application

Basic knowledge on HTML and Photoshop is enough

Who should do the course:
Those who are showing interest towards UI design and development.

UI Technologies Course Content Overview :
UI Developer roles and Responsibilities
UX designer roles
Technologies needed
Power of UI
Current market requirements on UI
Sample Webpages
Crawling and meta tags.

Structure of HTML Page
Mandatory tags in html page (html, head, body)
What is CSS
Different ways of applying css for elements, and priority chain of css
Heading tags(H1…H6), Tags and attributes(Class, Id, style..etc)
Inline and blocklevel elements

More Tags in html
Including external page links in a page using anchor tags and its properties
Working with row and column data using table tags
Hiding and unhiding elements using display property
img tag, p tag, ul and ol tags, li, nobr, hr, br etc
Layouts, forms, buttons
Input fields (textbox, radiobutton, checkbox, dropdown, textarea etc)

More CSS properties
Adding borders, font, pseudo classes,
Positioning elements (absolute, relative, fixed and static)
Image spriting
Boxmodel (margins, padding)
Floating elements (float left, right etc.)
Including external resources
Absolute and Relative paths
Including external resources like css, images etc
Form Elements
Get & Post
Validating input values in a form.
Form action and type.
Data types and data structures in Js
Control structures, if, ifelse, while, for, switch case statements
Dynamic creation and maniplation of dom elements using js
Adding dynamic event listerners to dom elements
Event capturing and event bubbling
Validations using key charcodes
JavaScript Supported Datastructures
Predefined methods in arrays
Strings and predefined methods
Advanced JavaScript
Prototyping in JavaScript
Closures in JavaScript
Inheritance in JavaScript
Adding methods for an object
jQuery Framework
Onload and onready diffrence
jQuery selectors
Multiple ways of refering dom elements using
jQuery selectors
jQuery methods
Adding dynamic properties for dom elements
Toggleing elements
Creating dynamic elements using jQuery
jQuery Traversing Methods
Finding elements using jQuery techniques
Filtering elements
Events using jQuery
Binding events
Dynamic binding
List of events been supported in jQuery(blur, change, click, dbclick….etc)
Advantages with Ajax and its limitations
Samples working with Ajax
Different data formats used in Ajax (string, xml, Json, etc)
XML and JSON difference
Crossdomain interactions using JSONP
jQuery Templating
Loading DOM dynamically using jQuery templates
loading templates using AJAX
Difference between HTML5 and HTML 4
List of Browsers support HTML5
Media tags (audio and video tags)
Graphics using Canvas tag
Drag and Drop features
Working on locations lat and lng using Geolocation
Storing userpreferences using Localstorage.
Difference between CSS2 and CSS3
Adding borders and backgrounds
Advanced text effects(shadow)
2D and 3D Transformations
Adding Transitions to elements
Adding animations to text and elements
Responsive Designs
Difference between multiple devices, making a page to work on multiple devices
Media queries
Introduction to Bootstrap CSS API(2hrs)
AngularJS Framework
Power of ngjs
Controllers and modules in ngs with sample program
Data binding with sample program
What is filter and adding filters to dom elements with sample code.
Loading multiple page content into a single page using ng-routing – Working example.
Developer Tools Addons:
Firebug, chrome and IE Developer tools.
Mini Project
Sample web application using all the able technologies 0073
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